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 Auction Help 

Buyer’s Guide

Only registered users can bid for damaged but repairable vehicles on EasySalvage. Registration is free and easy, just click the register link at the top left of your screen and follow the instructions. When you’re registered and logged in follow these steps to make your bid:

1. Find what you’re looking for

To find auctions on EasySalvage, select an option from the Auctions menu:

  • Click Hot Auctions for details of auctions with 5 or more bidders
  • Choose Auctions Closing Soon for auctions that have less than 180 minutes to run
  • Select New Auctions to find auctions that have been posted in the last 24 Hours
  • Click the Search link and follow the instructions on screen to search for specific items
  • Select All Categories to browse all items for sale on EasySalvage
  • Choose from Accessories, Cars, Commercials, Motorcycles or Plant & Farm Machinery to search for a specific category of item

2. View the auction details

To view details of an auction, click the item description to go to the Auction Details page. This will give you information on the item, the seller and on any existing bids and bidders.

3. Contact the Seller

Once you’ve made a bid for an item, you’ve entered into a contract with the seller and your bid can’t be withdrawn. So, if you have any questions about an item, always contact the seller before you make a bid. To contact the seller, simply click their user name on the Auctions Details page and follow the instructions.

4. Bid for an Item

You can bid for items on EasySalvage by entering your bid online or by sending a text message from your mobile phone. When you’ve chosen how to make your bid simply follow the instruction at the bottom of the Auction Details page.

5. Pay the Seller

If your bid is successful, you’ll receive an email giving you the seller’s contact details. You should then contact seller within 36 hours of the close of the auction to arrange payment and delivery.

SMS Bidding

To make a bid by text message from your mobile phone you must first enable text message bidding on your account:

  • Click the My Account tab at the top of the screen
  • Choose the Edit SMS Services link
  • Follow the instructions on screen
  • Check that the SMS Service Status is set to on

You can now use your mobile phone to send text message bids by following these steps:

  • Go to the Auction Details page for the item you’re interested in
  1. Compose the following text message:
  • Key the word ‘BID’ followed by a space
  • Enter the item number followed by a space (you’ll find the item number at the top of the Auctions Details page)
  • Enter the amount of your bid - but don’t include the ‘£’ symbol
  • So, to make a £60 bid for item number 10014, you should key: ‘BID 10014 60’
  1. Send your message to the number 86122
  2. Wait for a text message asking you to confirm the make and model of the item - and the amount you want to bid
  3. Check that the details are correct and, if you’re happy to continue, reply by sending the message ‘BID OK’ to 86122
  4. You’ll then receive a text message to confirm whether your bid has been successful

Damage Indicator

On the Auction Details page for each damaged vehicle on EasySalvage you’ll find an indication of the main areas of damage.

This damage indicator is a diagram of a vehicle with primary damage to the bodywork shown in red and damage to the suspension of the vehicle shown in yellow.

Managing an Auction

Whether you’re buying or selling, EasySalvage auctions allow you to track the progress of all the auctions you’re taking part in. To manage an auction, choose the Manage EasySalvage link from the EasySalvage menu and click one of the five tabs at the top of the screen:

  • Open Bids lists any bids you’ve made
  • Winning Bids gives information on your successful bids
  • Selling: Open displays the items you’re selling
  • Selling: Closed provides details of your closed auctions
  • Bulk Upload Staging shows the progress of any auctions you have posted that are waiting for approval

Favourite Auctions

This feature allows you to track the progress of auctions that you’re interested in.

To add an auction to your favourites list simply click the Favourite button on the Auction Details page.

To view a list of your favourite auctions choose the Favourite Auctions link from the Auctions menu. From here you can view the highest bidder for the item, make your own bid or view the auction details.

SMS Watch

This function allows you to track the progress of an auction by receiving regular updates on bids and bidders direct to your mobile phone.

To use SMS watch you must first enable text message updates on your account:

  • Click the My Account tab at the top of the screen
  • Choose the Edit SMS services link
  • Follow the instructions on screen
  • Check that the SMS Service Status is set to on

To track the progress of an item by SMS text message, simply click the SMS Watch button on the Auction Details page. The auction will then be added to your SMS watch list.

NB : There is a small charge for this service so you must have sufficient credit in your account. Click the My Account tab at the top of the screen and choose the Motor Junction Fees link from the Billing menu for details of the fees and charges that apply to all motor junction services.

Wanted Items

To receive information on new auctions as they appear on EasySalvage, you can add up to five items to your wanted list.

To add an item to your wanted items list choose My Wanted Items from the Buy menu, click the Add button and follow the instructions on screen.

When an auction is posted that matches your criteria, we’ll let you know by email.

To find out what’s really in demand, click Public Wanted Items to view wanted items that other users have chosen to make public.

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