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Since the introduction of the Vehicle Identity Check (VIC) scheme there has been some confusion about which vehicles it applies to. Category C CARS notified to the Secretary of State by an insurance company are be liable to the VIC scheme. We are trying to identify Cat C vehicles that are affected but this is not always possible. We recommend that you ring VOSA on 0300 123 9000 or click
for confirmation whether or not a specific vehicle requires a VIC test.


From the 7th April 2003 all ABI Category C cars damaged on or after that date will have to undertake a VIC (Vehicle Identity Check) before the owner can apply for a V5 logbook and the vehicle can be returned to the road.

The check will be carried out by the Vehicle Inspectorate to confirm the identity of the vehicle but not whether it is roadworthy. The logbook of any car that has passed the VIC test will carry a note to say that it has had its identity confirmed.

Only some damaged vehicles will have to take the VIC test. On Easysalvage.com we will mark whether the vehicle needs to have a VIC or not, before a vehicle is taken for inspection it must have been substantially repaired.

To apply for a test you must contact the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (this is the new name for the Vehicle Inspectorate). You will need to fill in an application form for an appointment and pay a fee of 41.00.The forms will be available from:
  • All Vehicle and Operator Services Test Stations
  • Vehicle and Operator Services Agency, Welcombe House, 91-92 The Strand, Swansea, SA1 2DH
  • And eventually at the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency web site at www.via.gov.uk
We will endeavour to obtain a supply of forms and have them available at our storage location office.

It is expected that the test will take about 30 minutes, the inspector will check the that the vehicles VIN, make, model, colour and engine number details match with DVLA's records.

If you need any further information please TLHarvey on 0121 526 2341.
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